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Thomas’s passion for wine and his propensity for collaboration and connection naturally led him to partner with two long-term friends to create two different ranges of wines.

Paul Maury and Thomas Delaude

Pech Des Cades – Contemporary freshness

Pech Des Cades –
Contemporary freshness

Paul Maury and Thomas Delaude have been friends since childhood. Of the many available career paths in the world of wine, Paul chose production while Thomas chose sales and marketing.

A well-known winegrower in the south of France, Paul produces high quality PGI and PDO wines in the Massif de la Clape. It was inevitable that Paul and Thomas would one day work together to create a wine. Their Pech des Cades is a varietal wine with a modern and fresh profile, a perfect fit for the tastes of Northern European consumers.


Pech des Cades is situated to east of Béziers, at the gateway to the famous terroir of La Clape, a region that produces some of the best character wines in the south of France. The Pech des Cades wines offer delightful complexity thanks to the area’s combination of two types of soil: clay limestone and marly limestone.

This signature vintage bears the name of the Mediterranean-facing plots planted with ancient vines on which it is produced.
Its label depicts an ammonite, a thousand-year-old fossil found in the Clape massif, a symbol of the terroir that has given birth to Pech des Cades.

Technical details of the wines:



SOULEIL - An organic, environmentally-conscious range

An organic, environmentally-conscious range

Born of a friendship of almost 30 years, ‘Souleil’ is a wine for sharing. Organic, fresh, elegant and versatile, it’s equally suited to an impromptu aperitif or a leisurely dinner. It’s the perfect wine to provide a relaxing start or end to your evening, like a fine sunset ‘à la française’.

The range comprises three vintages: red, white and rosé. The red reveals flavours of tart red fruit, white cherry and citrus peel, with a lingering, saline finish. The white is well-balanced, with notes of pineapple, guava and orange blossom. The rosé is flavourful and generous on the nose and palate, with pronounced notes of blackberry and Mediterranean herbs.

A resolutely committed range

Souleil is not just a wine, it’s also the expression of a commitment to environmental protection. As well as producing the wine using organic farming methods, the label is involved in actions to raise awareness of the need to protect the oceans.

Devotees of travel and water sports like kite surfing, the two childhood friends have partnered with the 5Minute Foundation, initiator of the 5MinuteBeachCleanup challenge, a worldwide movement that encourages people to clear plastic pollution from beaches. More than 29,000 cleanups have taken place in 70 different countries over the last four years, and anyone can get involved.

This environmental consciousness and commitment to taking action for the planet gives an extra dimension to the Souleil brand.


Souleil = « sun » in old French
Bonté = « hapiness »

Discover the universe of Souleil:


The Souleil Vin de Bonté wine collection is made within sight of the Mediterranean by an independent producer who specializes in crafting elegant and expressive wines from organically grown grapes.

Le blanc

Balanced, bright, and profoundly aromatic, this delectable white wine brims with flavors of juicy pineapple, guava, and orange blossom. Dry, salty, and floral, this wine is made for cuisine inspired by the South of France, including crisp salads, fresh seafood, or a platter of soft cheeses.

Le Rosé

Pale and pink-hued, this thirst-quenching wine is the epitome of French rosé. Expect flavors of tart red fruit, white cherry, and citrus rind, with a lingering, saline-tinged finish. For a crowd-pleasing apéro wine to satisfy an array of palates, this bottle is just the ticket.

Le Rouge

Ruby red, Le Rouge is as flavor-packed and generous on the nose as on the palate. Pronounced aromas of ripe blackberries and sun-baked Mediterranean herbs lead to a palate laden with punchy flavors of dark cherry, pomegranate, garrigue, orange peel, and a touch of sweet spice. We recommend enjoying this wine slightly chilled.