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Delaude Wine Estates (DWE) was created in 2018 by Thomas Delaude. It was born of his passion for wines and the terroirs that shape them and his many encounters with those in the business of producing this age-old elixir.

Involved in the world of wine from an early age, Delaude has 20 years of experience of working with producers. He now offers his ideas and expertise to wineries wishing to export across the globe.

DWE can advise you on developing your range of wines, designing labels and packaging and implementing marketing and communications strategies to make your production shine.

Our Story

Thomas Delaude

I have been immersed in the world of wine and lived alongside those producing it ever since childhood. I now put my expertise at the service of wineries wishing to export internationally.

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Proud champion of his own terroir, Thomas considers the wines of Occitania his first love, but prizes those of all the French regions. Closely connected with growers and a fervent defender of their rigorous work with soil, vines and production processes, he began by exporting his vintages to China, then went on to make connections and partnerships that expanded his geographical reach. In recent years, DWE has facilitated the export of French wines to China, Russia, Japan, the USA, Belgium, Holland, Africa, Australia and the Balearic Islands.