Our services


Personalised support

To offer you the best possible support, we use our skills and experience to work with you to develop a service tailored to your needs.

We work with trusted partners, carefully selected for the quality of their services and products. Competitive rates, sound advice, personalised services… We can advise you and help enhance the quality of your product.

Personalised selections

Our extensive experience allows us to guarantee an exclusive approach, all the assistance you need and a quality service, fully adapted to your needs. Our range of products will help you stand out from the competition.

Recognised expertise and optimal support

We work with our exceptional, hand-picked winemakers on a daily basis, exporting their products all over the world. Our combination of extensive experience and specific expertise makes us ideally placed to support you with your strategic decision-making.

Attentive, responsive and efficient, we place great importance on communication and order follow-up.

To make your vintages exceptional and unique, we devote scrupulous attention to every aspect of your product’s identity: labels and typography; printing techniques and supports; the tactile and visual qualities of the cap; the composition of the cork; the personalised packaging used for shipping; and of course, the shape and line of the bottle, the container that brings an extra dimension to the drinking and tasting experience.

Ranges tailored to your brand

DWE will put its experience and expertise at your disposal every step of the way as you create your range of wines. To give your vintages their unique character, we offer a wide variety of labels and a choice of graphic styles, printing techniques, caps, corks and cartons, to chime with your brand identity. We work with you to determine the aesthetics of your bottles: the level of customisation is limitless.

Identity creation

Attentive, reactive and inventive, our service is rooted in efficiency, clear and transparent communication and the personalised advice we provide to help you create unique wines that express your brand identity.

Our labels

Labels create a first impression of the contents and help express your identity. We work with you to create a distinct graphic style to appeal to your customers and convey your values. The choice of paper, printing and logos can support the visuals and enhance the message.

Our caps

With a wide range of colours and designs in our catalogue, we can offer the right cap for your needs. We work with the highest-rated suppliers and negotiate the best prices and delivery times.

Our corks

The cork is a key element in large export markets. We work with you to identify the option that suits you, be that sealed, agglomerate or natural cork.

Our boxes

To provide the best possible packaging and shipping solutions for your vintages and grand vintages, enhancing the value of your products and guaranteeing their delivery in perfect condition, we offer a choice of brand-personalised packaging conceived to give your products optimum protection.


Recognised expertise

The quality of our bespoke work, our reliability and the comprehensiveness of our support have already impressed more than 100 clients worldwide. In 2021, we received 35 awards in recognition of our services and partnerships.

Our 30 employees have been specially selected for their skills and expertise. Already well-established in Asia, particularly the Chinese market, we are now launching projects in 10 other international locations: China, Russia, Japan, the United States, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Africa, Australia and the Balearic Islands, in order to further promote the wines of Occitania and all the French regions.