Our partners

Our unique winegrowers

Trust and transparent working methods are our key requirements for a successful partnership

We take the utmost care in selecting our partners and pride ourselves on being able to meet all your customers’ needs and appeal to every taste

Expert and passionate, we offer an extensive selection that privileges French savoir-faire, sustainable agriculture and respect for people and the environment. Our variety of terroirs and winemaking methods, combined with our unrivalled expertise, allows us to draw on an array of authentic and proven wines to create personalised orders.

Our bespoke service, fully adapted to your requirements, guarantees superb vintages that offer excellent value for money.

Our partners

Our quality bottlers

We have formed long-term relationships with our bottlers, who have been carefully selected for the quality of their service. They have many years of experience in the wine market and are trusted partners who understand our expectations and are responsive to our requests.

Sarl Grand Bourry

Selection of wines; instant before, during and after analysis of bottlings through their in-house laboratory; fully-automated production lines; performance (12,000 bottles per hour); control; rigorous production specifications; zero defects target; traceability; logistical performance: 20-foot/40-foot container loading docks and lorries; oenologist’s report.


Located in the heart of the Beaujolais region, ELG oversees the production of vintages from filtration and bottling through to packaging and logistics. A specialist in bespoke bottling, this partner offers optimal support. IFS HACCP standards.